The new Brand Avril8790 was born from the ideas and the collaboration of Francesco Menci and Maria Elena Sanarelli. However, the real story of Avril8790 has its origins well before the birth of the Brand. At least 60 years earlier. The beginning of this story is all in the union of two great family traditions: that of Francesco, the manufacturing of precious metals; and the production of high knitwear, which has always been the core business of Maria Elena’s family. Different fields, but both symbols of Italian manufacturing excellence.

The two Designers were born and grown up in Arezzo on the 17th of April respectively in 1987 and 1990 , hence Brand’s name.

The concept from which they started bases its foundation on the desire to create a product 100% Made in Italy using only the Italian craftsmanship, the highest quality materials, innovative techniques and continuously exploring cutting edge designs. Avril8790’s jewels and bags embody the fusion between tradition and innovation.

The real turning point came when Maria Elena and Francesco decided to introduce contemporary Art in their works, recreating graphical patterns of contemporary artists according with their personal tastes and visions.

“Avril8790 – Blue Alchemy” is the philosophy of the Brand because Avril8790 creates value from the alchemy of opposite worlds such as tradition/innovation, metal/knit, hard/soft, bi-dimensional/three-dimensional and because movement and dynamism, typical of Avril8790 objects, in Alchemy are represented by the blue colour, which is the main theme used even in the Avril8790 knit.

Avril8790 is more than just an accessories Brand, it is a design, fashion, knit and techniques research project, which found its major expression in creating accessories with a great visual impact that join tribal and modern attitude.